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When I first learned the “Egyptian Walk” in class I had real trouble getting it to it’s proper speed.  I learned the slowed-down version and was able to do that quite well but just couldn’t get it faster.  Part of the problem for me was the leap where I had to double the speed of the movement to keep in time with the music in class, i.e. going from half time to full time, or from full time to double time.  It was just too much of a big leap for me.

At home I poured through my music collection listening for songs where the beats fell in at intermediate speeds but this was really just pot-luck and ultimately quite frustrating.  After a while it dawned on me to use a metronome.

I’d used them before, years and years ago when learning the violin and then later flute, but I didn’t own one myself.  However, as well all know, the internet has pretty much everything… I had a hunt about online and discovered this marvellous website:

With this online metronome you can select the speed you want, change it, start it, stop it.  I found it useful to get to a speed where I could do the movement comfortably and then gently increase it, pausing at each increment to get fully confident at that speed before moving onto the next.  By the time I came to my next class I could do the Egyptian Walk at at full speed!  I felt that warm glow of having achieved something I really wanted; it was wonderful.

I give this advice to my students to help them get their “Egyptian Walk” up to speed.  I’m curious to hear – does anyone else out have other tips and methods that help with this?


Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of taking the Yin Yoga and Shimmy workshop facilitated by lovely Lauryn Elise Peterson Higgins of Zanzibar studio.  As well as teaching bellydance Lauryn and leading her own troupe, Mirabai, is a certified yoga instructor and also, in conjunction with her mother (who was at the workshops) is a constructive living instructor.  Read the rest of this entry »

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