I found a Lebanese restaurant in Prague that has tribal fusion bellydance performances every Monday and Thursday night.

Tribal Fusion in Prague

I stumbled across that poster in a restaurant window on a recent trip to Prague.  This was the first time I’ve ever been to Prague, and I don’t know any Czech. I wasn’t sure if this was a club night, a hafla or what.  I never imagined that it would actually be tribal fusion dancing in a Middle Eastern restaurant. I’ve never seen that before and never even heard of such a thing. But with a bit of help from Google Translate I figured out that that was exactly what this was advertising.

Most unfortunately the days I was in Prague didn’t match up with the performance evenings so I never got to see this strange and wonderful combination.  If you’re interested the restaurant (or event night, I’m not sure) is called Klub Cestovatelu (“Travellers Club”) on Masarykovo nábřeží 22 (on the riverfront between Most Legii and Jiraskuv Most).  One of the two performers is called Michaela Sládečková

The gorgeous Michaela Sládečková

Prague is full of Mucha art – in a Museum dedicated to him, in a Gallery of his work, painted onto the facades of buildings, in stained glass he designed for the St. Vitus Cathedral, inside the main Post Office, and so on.  There is a wonderful symmetry in the dancing performed in Middle Eastern restaurants in Prague being related to his aesthetic too.

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