April Rose is a captivating, technically brilliant, soulful dancer.

I discovered her this weekend through the bellydance topic search on WordPress. I was browsing through it and saw an interesting-looking post on tribal fusion bellydance costuming.  It turned out to have been written by someone who was touring with the Bellydance Super Stars, someone who I hadn’t heard of.  Someone called April Rose.  Then the very next blog I read, Roxstar, cited April Rose as a significant influence.  Who is this mysterious new Super Star, cited as a major influence on another bellydance blogger?  I wanted to see this woman dance.

I had a hunt about on YouTube and found the video below.  This isn’t a bellydance performance piece, it is an unfinished piece performed as part of a higher education project (April, as it turns out, has a Masters in Dance Studies).

I was hooked.  This woman had made rolling around on the floor into something magical, something incredibly beautiful.  I think I could watch her eat chips and still be captivated.  I kept looking.  The next video I watched was a full-on bellydance performance:

This is now my absolute favourite belly dance Bollywood fusion performance ever.  I really hope to see this woman perform live sometime soon.

You can see her other videos on her YouTube channel, and read her blog if you’d like to see more of her.  I have, and I highly recommend them both.