The wonderful Sarasvati Tribal hosted workshops with Onça O’Leary, so you may already be familiar with her.  Onça is looking for funding and writes, “Please, help our Work Be Seen! Visibility is an essential element of resistance in the War against Women. Offering a stage and a classroom to the dancers, musicians, and circus folk we work with gives them a Voice for social change, hilarity, satire, and rebellious joy. An Uncensored Voice & Unhindered Vision can free the world.”

The money would go towards purchasing an eco-friendly, professional, portable lighting system.  If you want to read more about this fundraising campaign, and possibly help fund it you can read more on Indiegogo (Indiegogo seems to be similar to Kickstarter, except that even if the funding goal isn’t raised the campaign can keep the contributions that were offered)