So last time I was talking about how some tribal-fusion bellydance aesthetic has been influenced by art, particularly Mucha.  What’s also been of interest to me is how bellydance has influenced art.  For example, this painting by Sam Flegal‘s (below) has strong elements of tribal-fusion styling in terms of the bra, jewelry, belt, stocking & panel skirt:

And this image, by Josh Simmonds, also has elements that are reminiscent of tribal fusion styling – particularly the headdress, jewelry and panel skirt:

The picture below comes from a roleplaying game (Pathfinder) and was created by Wayne Reynolds.  The panel skirt, the stockings, the multi-layered belts and headdress all make me think of tribal fusion styling:

And last, but certainly not least, is this fantastic image by Alec Acevedo obviously influenced by Rachel Brice.

I do like the circular influence of art on bellydance styling on art.