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Tribal Tigerlily is teaching some tribal fusion classes in Edinburgh.  Yipee!

The fabulously talented and gorgeous Tribal Tigerlily

She running a 4 week ‘taster’ set before Christmas starting Sun Nov 18th, and a 6 week regular term afterwards starting Sun Jan 20th, £9/£7 per class in advance, £10 on the door.  Both sets are being held at the Edinburgh Studios, off Leith Walk.  You can get full details, and whatnot on the Facebook event page.

And, because it’s such a treat, here’s a video of her performing:


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My friend Elspeth has written up an excellent summary of the many, many bellydance events that are coming up next month in and around Edinburgh – go have a read if you’ve not seen it already:

I found a Lebanese restaurant in Prague that has tribal fusion bellydance performances every Monday and Thursday night.

Tribal Fusion in Prague

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My friend Tamsyn has written a fantastic blog post about the connection between physical movement and emotional memory, including the implications of this if you are instructing people in movement.

April Rose is a captivating, technically brilliant, soulful dancer.

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The wonderful Sarasvati Tribal hosted workshops with Onça O’Leary, so you may already be familiar with her.  Onça is looking for funding and writes, “Please, help our Work Be Seen! Visibility is an essential element of resistance in the War against Women. Offering a stage and a classroom to the dancers, musicians, and circus folk we work with gives them a Voice for social change, hilarity, satire, and rebellious joy. An Uncensored Voice & Unhindered Vision can free the world.”

The money would go towards purchasing an eco-friendly, professional, portable lighting system.  If you want to read more about this fundraising campaign, and possibly help fund it you can read more on Indiegogo (Indiegogo seems to be similar to Kickstarter, except that even if the funding goal isn’t raised the campaign can keep the contributions that were offered)

The background to the bellydancing Wookie and Klingon band! (if you’ve not watched the video you really must!)

Mae Mai


  • (Oct. 8, 2012) Word of the Nerd Podcast interview with me about the Wookiee Bellydance video!
  • (Oct. 22, 2012) Just signed a release for the usage of the video on Objective Scotland‘s “50 Funniest Moments of 2012” programme to appear on Channel 4 in the UK.

Several months ago Deserae, a wonderful bellydancer dancer I’ve known for years and who I’ve finally had the pleasure to play for about a year ago, decided she wanted to do a performance as a Wookiee bellydancer.  Back in March I recorded an excerpt of what such a Wookiee bellydance tune would sound like.  I pulled some phrases and words from the Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide and created a sample audio with drums, cello, cow horn and vocals.  I titled it “Muaarga” (the Shyriiwook word for “Peace”) and posted it to my Soundcloud account:

A couple months…

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So last time I was talking about how some tribal-fusion bellydance aesthetic has been influenced by art, particularly Mucha.  What’s also been of interest to me is how bellydance has influenced art.  For example, this painting by Sam Flegal‘s (below) has strong elements of tribal-fusion styling in terms of the bra, jewelry, belt, stocking & panel skirt:

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I just got my ticket in the post for this – very excited! I think there may be a couple of tickets left if you don’t have yours yet – contact Susan.

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