Growing up in a city festooned with Rennie Mackintosh buildings and art meant that that Art Nouveau became the sort of background aesthetic to my younger life, and there’s something I still find deeply appealing about his, and other artists of that movement.  I particularly like Alphonse Mucha.  I love how he paints women, I love the headdresses he creates:


I like headdresses in bellydance, and have seen some particularly beautiful ones on tribal fusion dancers.  For example, in the below Kimberly MacKoy models this gold Mucha-inspired piece created by Medina Maitreya

I’m not sure which particular Mucha painting (if any) it was based on, but it most reminds me of this one:

Zoe Jakes is particularly well known for her lovely headdresses.  Here’s Zoe and a gorgeous headdress, as captured by Jorge Dengo

The looping circles near the ears reminds me of this Mucha painting:

And of course the fantastic Rachel Brice has famously incorporated big lilies into her headgear and aethestic.  Here she is captured by Christopher Mark Perez

This particular image (and image set on Flickr) reminds me of these Mucha paintings:

and this image of Rachel Brice, taken by Little Scarab

reminds me of this Mucha painting:

Mucha employed ballet dancers to model for him, and I think it’s poetic that some belly dancers are deriving aspects of their look from his art.