I’m going to take a bit of time to talk about some other people in this blog post.  There are a couple of events coming up that I’ll be at, and I’m going to talk about the inspirational young women who are involved in them.

Katy Meehan is a talented young artist whose work is currently focusing on the mysterious qualities of water, exploring the symbolic relationship between women and water. There’s often something creepy and thought-provoking about her work; have a look at her artist blog, and the short film below.


Katy’s work will be featured in the up and coming DJCAD Degree Show that starts this Saturday (May 19th) and runs for two weeks (19 May to 27 May, Monday – Friday 10am -8pm, Saturday – Sunday 10am – 4pm,  admission is free).  If you are going to be in Dundee around that time, please do take the time out to have a look at Katy’s work (and those of her peers if you feel like it too).  I’m going there tomorrow for the preview showing and I can’t wait.

Hester McQueen is the other talented young woman I’m going to tell you about. Her talents lie in the direction of business and marketing.  She’s about to complete her Master’s degree in International Management and Leadership. As a part of that qualification she is required to do some sort of ‘community input’, and she’s chosen to put her time and energy into trying to make a real difference by hosting an event to raise funds for St Columba’s Hospice.  Working to help others isn’t new to Hester – she previously gave up her summer and volunteered (as a full-time intern) for the Royal Association for Disability Rights (now Disability Rights UK) in London.

She hosting the fundraising event on June 2nd (which I will be teaching at).  It’s only a tenner, so if you have the time do come along and take part in some, or all, of the activities.  It’s for a very good cause, and it’s being organised by an awesome young woman.