I find it incredibly hard to take time out and just stop for a while, even if that’s really all I want to do.  But that’s exactly what I did these last four days, and I feel so much better for having done it.

I find it hard enough to take time out from work and other obligations if I am actually ill.  I have found it slightly easier when I had to take some time off to care for someone else (somehow that felt like a more acceptable thing to do).  But last week, on Monday, I decided I needed a break.  Not because I was sick.  Not because someone else was sick.  Not because I needed to do something, but because I needed to do nothing.  My mental reserves were pretty much running on fumes and I actually decided that that was a good enough reason to stop, to take time off, and to do nothing.

It was fantastic, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Look after yourself, listen to what your body and mind needs (and wants).  Your body in particular is pretty smart, smarter than you – at least my body is smarter than me. Get a massage, stay in pajamas all day, sleep a lot, do nothing that you don’t really want to do.  Don’t do housework.  Don’t catch-up on those odious things you’ve been putting off.  If they’ve waited this long they will wait a bit longer.

Give yourself the same consideration you would your best friend.  Take time out when you need it. You’re worth it.