A wee while ago I asked a friend of mine, Zoë, if she would write a blog post for me and together with a mutual friend, Jane, she has. Enjoy!

Edinburgh’s best-kept bellydance secret

Tell anyone you go to Lorne McCall’s classes and even if they are one of the few who know who she is, many think she is “just” a Raqs Sharqi teacher. Well they don’t know what they’re missing. Lorne brings the depth of her Raqs Sharqi training to an open-minded love of dance. To quote a leading tribal teacher, Lorne is “the most elegant dancer in Edinburgh”.

Lorne rarely performs these days, but if you’ve been to a recent hafla, you’ve seen her students. At the November 2009 Hafla at Revolution, around half the performances were by Lorne’s current or recent students. The group veil dance with its joyful mini-duets and sophisticated choreography was by Lorne’s advanced class.

A trained dance teacher with many years’ experience, Lorne is very inclusive; everyone is welcome, encouraged and gets individual attention. Excellent on technique (people come to her classes for her expertise on hands alone) she’s also a mistress of mood: how a slight change of head angle creates a subtly different effect; how to maintain power; how to use pace and stillness. Lorne’s lovely sense of humour means that though classes are work they’re also fun, full of strange little rhymes to help with remembering movements and imaginary visits from Johnny Depp.

Lorne McCall teaches on Wednesdays at Dance For All in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and classes start back on August 25th!

Check out www.danceforall.co.uk for all the details.