Recently I went looking for inspiration to vamp/goth-up a bellydance routine and I thought I’d share some of the performers that I came across in my search.

The first one I looked at was Aepril Schaile (pronounced April Shay-lee).

I became aware of her after reading a blog post about a tribal fusion event in Paris.

I like her theatricality and the ‘floating’ thing she does, particularly in the performance below  (though I’m not so keen on the group piece that follows her solo, though I do like the use of the stick – I feel like it would have worked equally well as a solo piece and that’s never a good thing with group performances IMHO).

A friend also put me on to another performer who has some routines that are a bit gothic, Anasma.

Like Aepril, she can also be very theatrical.  Her movement repetoire also includes hip-hop and she has released an DVD called “Bellydance Hip Hop Liquid Fusion” (among others).  The performance below is the one that’s inspired me most of all the ones of hers that I’ve seen so far.

Ariellah is a BIG name in gothic bellydance.

Like Anasma, she also has a series of DVDs including a bellydance + yoga conditioning DVD.  Of the three performers I mention here Ariellah’s performances are the closest to straight up ‘tribal fusion’ which, given that she was one of the founding members of The Indigo (along with Rachel Brice), perhaps isn’t too surprising.  Apparently RB credits Ariellah with popularising ‘popping’ in tribal fusion style bellydance.

There are a wealth of other gothic bellydance performers and performances out there, and I’m only scratching the surface. If you have a favourite performance or performer you want to highlight, feel free to do so in the comments.