So I have very long hair.  Right now it ranges from 24-27″ in length depending on where I measure it (that’s 61-69cm in metric).  And not only that but it’s naturally wavy and reasonably thick.  I love it, I love it being long, but sometimes trying to style is can be a pain in the ying yang.

But because I love it I persevere.  I want to have it looking nice for performance, which is easy enough for my more cabaret performances, but for my tribal fusion and anything gothic it takes a bit more doing.  I want it dramatic but able to stay that way through spins and laybacks.  This is not easy, let me tell you!

So a few weekends ago, frustrated with the stylistic possibilities my current crop of clips, combs and bands presented I went to Claire’s looking for something better.

What I found was amazing…

The “bandette comb” claims to be “so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it!”  Yeah, right, I thought, but bought it anyway because it looked like it had potential and was only £4.50 (Claire’s).

I adapted the directions to make it work for the dramatic hair-all-over-the-place-but-in-an-artful-way sort of a look that I was going for and, amazingly, it worked. It stayed in place all night, through windy travel to the venue, through the spins and laybacks and the socialising afterwards and it actually was so comfortable it didn’t feel like I had anything in my hair. And when it was time to take it out it came out quite easily and didn’t take any of my hair with it.

So like I said, it’s an amazing hair thing of amazingness!