Last month I had the great privilege of being photographed by Kelly Archibald of Kaleidoscope Studios. I would highly recommend this lady – she made the effort to understand the sort of look I was going for, did a lot of prep work prior to the session and played my favourite tunes while we were shooting. She is a goddess behind the lens, producing some fantastic images of me documenting my ‘fusion’ look as it is at the moment. I’ve included some of my favourites below for your viewing pleasure.

This was me, mid dance. I love the ‘film noir’ quality of it.

Floorwork, wearing SteampunkCouture custom-made trousers. I loooove the dramatic shadows in this one.

My beautiful Scottish fusion skirt and self-made top.

This is also mid-dance. I’m thinking of making this the new front-page to my website… Your thoughts on this are very welcome!


Kaleidoscope Studios have made me a very happy bunny :). If facebook is your thing, they also have a page on there.