My next term starts sooooon!  Both levels start back again this coming Wednesday (the 14th) at the Yoga Room with a sold-out beginners workshop on this Saturday to kick things off and get me back into the spirit of things 🙂

If you’re wanting to book the classes you can do so with a cheque (made payable to me, Shelley Skipper, sent to “Shelley Dance, C/O The Yoga Room, 5 Forth Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3JX”) or via paypal on my website ( There are still a few spaces left (and don’t worry – I’ll remove the paypal functionality when I’m full).  You can always fire me a quick email or text if you want to double-check before booking.

I’ve tweaked and, I believe, improved the curriculum for both sets of classes and I’m looking forward to starting a new term with this new-and-improved set of lesson plans!  I’ve tried to take on board the desire I’ve felt coming through, particularly in the Improvers/Intermediate classes, to include more technique that is common to tribal-fusion styles of bellydance, whilst keeping it still interesting to those with more Egyptian leanings.  And as always I’m interested in hearing what my students want out of the classes – we’ll have a chat about this in the first lesson to make sure I take into account the things that my students want to do.