Howdy all! Fereshteh asked me to help promote an event that she’ll be co-running in June and I thought that would be something of interest to local readers.

She’s invited an organisation which runs bellydance events in Nottingham, England called Pink Bellydancing.  They raise money specifically for the ‘Breakthrough Breast Cancer‘ charity and as of November 2009 they have raised over £2000.  Here’s the certificate to prove it 🙂

The ‘Twisted Sisters’ referenced in the certificate above are Tatiana (Tati) Hafsa and Pauline Qu who, along with Asif Qu and David Woolley, run the Pink Bellydance events.

This time around Fereshteh is helping Pauline and Tati put on an event in Edinburgh, Pink Edinburgh 2010. This is being held on June 19th 2010 and will comprise a variety of workshops from 9am til 6pm (with a lunch break from noon-1pm) and there is an evening show from 7.30-9.30pm.  The workshops last for 1 or 2 hours each, costing £12 and £15 respectively, and the show costs £13.  From what I understand it will be the workshop teachers who’ll be performing in the show (but there’s nothing yet about that on the website).  There is, on YouTube, a clip from a previous show:

The teachers at the event are: Fereshteh (Edinburgh based, Egyptian Style), Tati Hafsa (Nottingham-based, Egyptian Cabaret Style), Pauline Qu (Nottingham-based British Tribal Style – more on this bellow), Asif Qu (Pauline’s husband, Drumming and percussion), Elaine Hughes (Fife/Dundee based, Tribal Fusion), Laura Monteith (our own west-coast Tribal/Balkan teacher), Shona Hagan (Dorset based, Egyptian Style) and Sarah Pullman (Central Scotland, Egyptian Style).

Pauline Qu (pictured below) has created her own style that she calls ‘British Tribal Style’ (BTS).  From her website Pauline describes BTS as:

“BTS is a celebration of the eccentricity and unique styles of Arabic Dancers in the British Isles.

“Arabic dance evolved in the Villages and Tribes of the Middle East, India and Africa and involved women dancing and sharing together, enjoying the beauty of sisterhood and self expression in a safe environment. BTS borrows moves from the Middle East, India, and Romani culture and mixes it with contemporary music and dance forms.”

Pauline Qu

I’ve included a video of Pauline performing in this style below.  Sadly I’m not enough of an aficionado of American Tribal Style to be able to tell the difference between what I’ve seen of ATS and BTS, but I’m sure those of you more familiar with ATS will see the stylistic differences. I’m hoping that someone reading this will be able to educate me – if you can, please comment!  (I keep meaning to learn more about ATS…)

Some of the recent communications I’ve received about Pink Edinburgh 2010 through Facebook have highlighted the charitable aspects of this event. Having asked the organisers about the specifics of this I’ve been told that the charity fund-raising for this specific event comes solely from the evening show, where 50% (or more) of the ticket sales will go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

To be clear, the workshops fees are not part of the money given to charity; the charitable funding comes from a portion of the evening show ticket sales.

Timing is always awkward when putting any sort of events on, and this is no different.  The weekend after this Raqs Britannia is being held in Sheffield.  Not a cheap month!

If you’re interested in getting updates or announcements about Pink Edinburgh 2010 event, this link should hopefully take you to the Facebook event page.