Zafira dance company are a Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) based bellydance troupe, comprised of three members (Christine Andrews, Maria Hamer, and Olivia Kissel) who have been performing together since 1996.

I was introduced to them by a bellydance friend and am eternally grateful.  I find their dancing beautiful and inspirational.  Their costuming and general appearance seems fairly unique and very well suited to the performances they put on.  Their use of space is fantastic.

This video features two of the troupe in a routine that is a particular favourite of mine.

The second video is a performance they did at a wedding.  I’m not sure who the 4th member is, but they work very well using the space and making shapes/formations with 4 people.

This last video is performance they did at Tribal Fest.  It has a Russian/Greek/gypsy feel to it, lots of attitude and a nice playing with the dynamic of 3 dancers – dancing all together and dancing 2 vs 1.  It was the first video of theirs that I saw.

So, I ❤ Zafira.  Maybe you do too now 😉