I performed at a hafla for the first time ever at the very same hafla that I helped organise, also for the first time ever.  I certainly don’t do things by halves…

Performing for other bellydancers was, in my head, far scarier than performing for a more general audience.  They’ll know if you make a mistake for a start!  They know all the moves, so impressing them is harder! But, as I’ve found with a lot of things in life, the reality wasn’t much like the fantasy at all.  Perhaps because many of the crowd know how hard it can be to perform they are more understanding than a regular audience.  Perhaps because they love the dance already they are more receptive to its performance. It certainly helps that they know to make noise and show appreciation.

So, despite pulling my quad part way through my performance and messing up that bit (I was slowly sinking down whilst doing vertical 8’s with my hips), I feel really good about it.  It went well and many people have since given me a lot of positive feedback.  Even the singer & songwriter of the music I performed to, Karine Polwart, approves 🙂

Below I’ve included some photos of the performance and a video of it as well.

The outfit I put together for the Scottish tribal-fusion performance.  Image courtesy of Tanya Gupta.

Another image, again courtesy of Tanya Gupta, this one with added movement!

And, as promised, the video: