What an experience!

I’ve never helped organise or run a hafla before so this was really new and exciting (and nerve wracking!). But it all came together, the three of us (Caroline Rose, Elspeth and myself) worked beforehand and on the night, each doing our different bits and pieces which wove into something that, I think, worked rather well.

The performers were varied yet all lovely, talented with no “diva-ness” in sight. The audience were plentiful and noisy. And special mention needs to go to the lovely Elysse and Laurie of the Edinburgh Uni African and Arabic Dance Society, who worked on the door. They were complete stars!

Below are some gorgeous pictures of Lorna and us (the organisers) that Vi Anne took on the night. They really capture a lot of the atmosphere.

Lorna in her first outfit of the night.

Lorna in her 3rd new outfit this one in the colours of the Egyptian flag.

Lorna of Cairo with Adam Reid (a live drummer Lorna arranged as a surprise)

Elspeth – beautiful, funny and a great P.A. for the evening.

Caroline Rose, in her stunning rose coloured costume. Organiser extraordinaire!

And yours truly, here my Scottish tribal fusion outfit.

I’ve organised events in the dim and distant past, but those were things I did almost exclusively myself and were not anything like a Hafla. It was completely novel to do this, let alone to organise something with other people (one of whom I hadn’t even met in person before the planning began). It almost sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it wasn’t. The three of us ‘clicked’. No politics, no drama, just work. And there was no real mystery to it either; we just talked to each other and did what needed doing. I’m looking forward to working with these wonderful women again!

There’s SO much more to share – I intend to put more pictures and some videos from it up on Thursday.