Kimberly MacKoy (pictured below) is a tribal fusion belly dance teacher and performer based in London.

I became aware of her as I walked past the open stage at Raqs Britannia in June 2009.  She performed a solo piece that was (I believe) an anniversary ‘gift’ to her partner, who sadly couldn’t be present.  I was on my way somewhere but her performance literally stopped in me in my tracks and I stood, probably slack-jawed, watching her dance.   Her dancing was elegant and immensely graceful.  After it was finished I kicked myself for not filming it, but it didn’t even occur to me whilst I’d been watching, so transfixed was I.   Her style is Tribal Fusion and I would say she is just as skilled as any of the tribal fusion members of the Belly Dance Super Stars.

The first video below is Kimberly performing in Italy last year.  At the beginning of this she definitely works the ‘less is more’ vibe.

In this next video she has some amazing layering going on – this woman can move!

This last video shows Kimberly performing a duet with Kathy Pearlson.  I’m not normally a fan of duets (or larger group performances) where both (or all) parties do almost the same thing throughout, but this is so well timed, they stay pretty much in sync the whole way and it’s elegant – all of which combine to make it hypnotic.

Kimberly grew up studying ballet as a young girl, before moving (much later) to the San Francisco Bay area.  Therein she began studying belly dance under the tuition of luminaries of the tribal and tribal fusion movement – Rachel Brice, Jill Parker, Frédérique David, Carolena Nericcio and Suhaila Salimpour.   She’s been in the UK for several years now, teaching classes, workshops and performing all over the place.  She’s been performing and teaching as far a field as South Africa and, though I didn’t know it at the time, was up performing at a Cabaret night in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year!

She’ll be teaching at Raqs Britannia this year, and maybe we’ll get her back up this side of the border for some teaching and performing. Her website is: