Well, despite have the dreaded lurgy (aka the common cold) I managed to teach all three sets of classes this week… and enjoy myself… and not die! (Apologies, being sick tends to make me a little over-dramatic 🙂 ).  It’s been absolutely lovely to see the familiar faces of my old students and to meet the delightful new students who have come along for the first time.

I’m not sure where I found the energy to teach; perhaps it was the chicken noodle soup, some have suggested it’s the magic of dance.  I think a lot of it is to do with the energy I get back from my students, the buzz and adrenaline rush that comes with teaching.  I am reminded that it is privilege to be able to share the knowledge and skills I have about something that I have a passion for.

I am gutted that I had to pass on the Edinburgh University Hafla that’s on tonight because of how poorly I feel, and I really hope that the good folks in attendance get some videos of it up on youtube shortly.  I’ll post up links if they do.

Good night folks x