I had a lot of fun at Lauryn’s Level 2 class at Zanzibar last night!  It is soooo awesome being a student, Lauryn is a lovely teacher and the other students were super friendly.

To start the class we all stood in a circle and introduced ourselves with a little bit of our dancing background – this was novel to me and was a really nice way to begin a session.  Group bonding can be such a huge part of a class – I know I enjoy and have enjoyed classes much more when I feel connected to the other people I’m learning alongside (as well as having a connection with the teacher).

I had a giggling fit when I just couldn’t make my hips go the ‘other’ way after we’d been practising Omis in one direction for a while (after the giggles subsided my hips did start behaving themselves again). It was so nice to be able to make mistakes and for it not to be issue like I would feel it would be were I teaching or (definitely) if I was performing.  Partly it’s “okay” because I think it’s okay for me to make mistakes as a student in a lesson, but it’s also okay because of the tone that was set by Lauryn for the lesson and I’m particularly grateful for that.

We drilled Omis and chest circles and ghawazees as well as practising bits of a choreography I think is from their Level 1 class (and with some freeform for added fun).  Much like the Shimmy workshop that I wrote about earlier we ended up dancing together in a circle.  This has a completely different feel from all facing the mirror, one that I really like (not that there’s anything wrong with mirror work!).  It’s a more gentle way of learning and reinforcing moves and allows for connection with the other students again.

Here is a video of Lauryn dancing.  Check out her amazing shimmying hips and graceful, graceful arms!