I had a very fun New Years Day, as I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to dance to improvised drumming courtesy of John McLeod.  John is an extremely talented sculptor, who also happens to be an excellent musician.  Best of all he is a very close friend of my husband that has now become a very good friend of mine as well.  Here he is rockin’ out on the Conga drums he played:

Here’s me spinning about:

And here’s one of us both grooving together:

There was a beautiful exchange of energy that grew the longer we played together.  There were often moments where he varied the style or pace of the drums that caused me to alter my dancing and there were also times when I influenced John to vary his drumming through changing the style or pace of my dancing.  There was something about being in the creative “dancing moment” with another person that was very new to me as I mostly perform to pre-recorded music, and the few occasions that I’ve performed to live music I’ve been very familiar with the songs already.  It was new to me and so, soooo much fun!  Although I was tired when we finished I was buzzing.

This was a completely fabulous way to spend New Years Day.  Many thanks to Micah for the pictures and to John for making it possible.