I said this when chatting with the lovely Miranda at Hilary’s Bazaar today (who, by the way, will be dancing at the Eastgate Hafla next Friday).  It’s true.  And not just because I’ve forgotten how ‘normal’ people dance in clubs but because I find myself shimmying, doing hip circles, chest circles, figures of 8 etc. when I’m not even thinking about it (much to the amusement of my co-workers, especially when I do it at the photocopier!)

But something else I’ve noticed today is that I am full of aches.  My knees ache, as do my shoulders and my back.   I’ve had this before, several years ago when I was a gym bunny.  I took a holiday and didn’t go to the gym for over a week and felt very similar to how I do now.

“Hello, my name is Shelley and it’s been about a week since I last danced” 🙂

I also wonder if these aches are the accumulation of being on the go almost constantly since the start of September, a situation which only eased up a week ago (my time as a “gym bunny” was also a really busy time in my life).  I’ve had a hunt about on the internet but haven’t been able to find anything that speaks to this experience.  I hope it’s not just me – anyone else had this experience?